Cross Cultural Seminar

Cross Cultural Seminar


Success in international business activities requires an awareness of culturally influenced aspects of communication. A gesture or greeting that might be perfectly appropriate in the American business world could be regarded as offensive—and might even scuttle a business deal—in Japan, China, or Vietnam. In a global business environment, sensitivity to cultural differences is profoundly important.


Participants in MSI cross-cultural seminars benefit from a wealth of useful information, including

  • Guidance on culturally appropriate negotiating strategies
  • Insights into cultural expectations that can affect marketing results
  • Tips to help relocated employees adjust to cultural changes
  • Explanations of differences in business practices
  • Advice on maintaining effective communications with managers

MSI cross-cultural seminars not only instill an overall awareness of cultural differences that can affect people from different countries who work together, they also equip participants with practical skills that enable them to work more effectively in international settings.


Our Japan seminar, for example, covers the following areas:

  • Japanese history
  • The vertical society
  • The importance of the group
  • The iceberg model of culture
  • The Japanese way of communicating
  • The importance of maintaining harmony
  • Japanese manners and customs
  • Tips for traveling in Japan

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