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Over the past fifteen years MSI has developed a large client base that includes many Fortune 1000 companies. Below is a sampling of comments made by clients concerning MSI and its services.

“MSI’s interpreters are doing it in a way that’s beyond normal interpretation. . . They are working on my shop floor while interpreting highly technical language.”


Manager, manufacturing company, New York


“We consistently use MSI because of the caliber of interpreters.”


Executive, Fortune 1000 company, Washington, D.C.


“MSI goes beyond what you think of as translation. They bridge the culture and language to get your message across.”


Manager, manufacturing company, Britain


“Our interpreter from MSI was professional and very attentive throughout. She had to deal with many different accents as well as people talking over each other as they were trying to get their ideas across—she coped with all this very admirably.”


Manager, industrial equipment manufacturer, Illinois


“Very professional, meets commitments, they work hard for accuracy. In the interpretation mode they add value. In translation mode they have a high level of interaction with the originator of the document, seeking clarification.”


Manager, food processing company, Tennessee


“They work very hard to provide consistency, are much more familiar with the work we do than other companies. . . They offer holistic services, not just interpretation or translation.”


Executive, Fortune 1000 company, Ohio

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